Awards are honorary prizes given to users (in the future we may find a way to make it an actual achievement). They are given to writers of exceptional talent, prodigious skill concerning words, eagerness to help, or other such things. As of now there are four awards: Most Prolific Writer, Most Helpful Writer, Most Skilled Writer, and Most Eloquent Writer. 

Most Prolific Writer Edit

What it says on the tin. The writer who posts the most stories that are complete.

Most Helpful WriterEdit

Given every month to a writer who has helped others through critical analyzation of the work of other writers. For one to eligable, they must not only give critical analysis, but also give tips on how to improve one's writing. This is voted on by the entire wiki, from a group of 3 determined by the Admins.

Most Skilled WriterEdit

The writer who, in at least 1 story, invokes incredible emotion, vivid details, and paints a story with words that prove he is a true Wordsmith. Determined by the Admins.

Most Eloquent WriterEdit

This award, arguably the most prestigious of all known achievements obtainable by the writers of this community, is only obtained and given by the Administrative Team to the writer who shows an overabundance of skill in the manipulation of the English Language. 

Sorry, the temptation to make this seem fancy was too much.