This is how a contribution should be made and formatted to look:


Example: The Jabberwocky - Lewis Carroll

After that, any format and may form of seperation (Chapters, acts, ect.) is allowed, provided they are sepperated by the headings provided in the Format section. 

Guide to making a contribution (with images) Edit

  • Click on the Contribute Button and go to "Add new Page"
  • Name the story and put your name as an author (and any other needed tags)
  • Write the story
  • See the genres page for a list
  • Click publish and you're done


A story may be classed as a collection if it contains FOUR OR MORE distinct stories, though they may be continuations of each other. A collection of five stories that you deem a collection can have the category Collection attached to it, and counts as five stories when tallying the award for "Most Prolific Author."

Collections with less than 4 stories will be marked as only 1 story, and cannot have the category Collection attached to it. Any attempts to do so will be treated as if one is trying to Pointsgame (see Terms of Service and Chat Rules).

User pagesEdit

Please post links to all your work that is published on this site on your userpage. 

Drafts, NSFW, and othersEdit

The category "Draft" is to only be applied to stories that are not yet finished, and can only be removed by the author, no one else. 

The "NSFW" category is only to be applied to stories with graphic content, ideologically sensitive materials, sexually explicit materials, or heavy usage of language generally seen is coarse. Of course, in making a NSFW contribution, the title should include " (NSFW) " at the end of the author's name.

The "Unfinished" Category is for works that have yet to be finished/determined to be a draft or the final product. Even if a work is never to be finished (such as a wiki-wide collaboration or Kublai Khan), it is to have the "Unfinished" category applied.