Prolouge Edit

My name is Patrick Allaway. I was born in July 1st, in 1918. My father died in the Great War, and my ma raised me with my brothers and sisters on that Iowa farm. The depression was hard. Really hard. Often we went on one meal a day, working in the Great Dustbowl. We couldn't move, or sell the farm.

So, when the war broke out, I signed up to fight those Jerry. I figured I could support my ma that way. My brothers Huston and Robert joined up too. We both joined the 279th Infantry Regiment. Few weeks later and we were off to train at Fort Gordon.

Then, Pearl Harbour happened. And off to England we went.

Part 1 Sea sick Edit

"Boy! Stop bein' a pussy!" Barked the sarge. I couldn't help it, never having been on a boat in my life. Seasickness is something rough, let me tell ya. We were going to deploy in France in a few days, and the thought o' that made me sicker than anything else. "It will all be okay Pat" said Robert while lighting a lucky "so what the hell is this Husky thing again?" asked Huston. "It's the invasion of Italy boys," said someone he steped from the darkness, which was very common on our little landing boat. No lights 'cept the tiny window.

"Hello boys, I'm LT. Hamson, your leader in this here operation to take down Il Duce." that was a shock to me. A full front assault against Italy sounded impossible.

"How?" asked Rob.

"Well, we are going to take down Mussolini, obviously. but we now have Intel about a German higher-up in Italy. Hear he's one of them Waffen S.S. guys. So, we're going to take him down."

"Who is this guy"asked Robert.

When I step off the ship its raining. Wonderful. Birthplace of Tea, vaction, and rain. 

"Oy! What's a man gotta do to get a bit of hard drink here?" Shouted a man.

"Not a drop until you sign in, Hal. Besides, remember last time you got drunk?" Shouted back another. We were lined up in a single row, and signed our names in. 

When we got to base, we were all assigned a barracks to sleep in. I got No. 7. Lucky number, my pa used to say.

I could not get sleep that night. My mind was thick and dumb. How in Christ were we going to pull off the killing of Waffen S.S, let alone a higher-up.