Red Hood Edit

The young girl stared. The wolf growled, a mix of saliva and blood coming from his maw. He stared at the girl, a fierce intelligence burning in his blue eyes. The girl did not cower, or flinch.

"Do you see now, little one?" The wolf half-spoke, half-growled. "I am Death. I come for all, the young, the old, the new, the broken. I am the truth no one wishes to know." The girl simply stared, not in horror, but in peace. The wolf spoke the truth. The only truth, the truth that will always exist. Death.

However, the girl still stared, smiling a small bit. She knew the wolf was right, and was at total peace in the fact that the wolf could not exist without her.

"You, great wolf, may be death. But you cannot exist without me, for I am life. I am the truth all know, the truth we all see, and without me, you cannot exist, and without you, nor can I." The wolf stared at the girl, looking at her, for she also spoke the truth. The Two Truths. Life and Death.

"You may be life, and I am death. Death will take life, for is death not merely the absence of life?" The wolf growled at the girl again. The girl was unfazed.

"Death may take life. However, life is more then the absence of death, and thus, death is more than the absence of life. Good wolf, you may take me, but in taking me you ruin yourself."

The wolf growled, agitated at the girl's refusal to bend to his will. The wolf was about to pounce upon this young girl. But something stopped him and he spoke.

"You speak the truth little one, but the words you speak mean nothing, I am still the one truth of this world and I Claim ALL." The girl simply looked at the wolf and shook her head, giggling.

"You do not understand Death. You never will." With that she simply kept walking. As she walked, the wolf growled at her one last time.

"I shall claim you as my own yet!" He growled towards her, in a vain attempt to intimidate her.

"I am aware."

Alternate EndingEdit

The wolf glared at her, knowing she was right. Slowly, he nodded his head once. He knew that Death cannot exist if there is no Life. That is why he can coexist with the small girl however "peacefully" it may be.

There was no way Death could be, without the other Truth. He took a step away, the blue glow still burning in his eyes. "You are right, little one." he growled at her, bowing his head ever so slightly.