Terms of Service and Chat RulesEdit

Failure to follow these rules will result in a ban, and possibly a total destruction of one's contributions here (stories). The offenses for the Terms of Service and Chat Rules are from most grevious to least. 

Terms of ServiceEdit


If any intentional copying of a story is done, without permission from the author, from anywhere on the internet, it will result in a year-long ban with all contributions deleted. A second incident is an instant permanent ban. 

However, if the story posted is open-source (old enough that copyright does not apply to it, for example) then an admin must approve of the posting of the story.


Any instance of pointsgaming (trying to win an award or get Wikia achievments through tactics that require little to no work) will result in a 6 month ban, followed by a year ban, then a permanent ban. 

Bashing of other's worksEdit

Constructive critism is defined as: Critical analysis of a work in order to find flaws and thus improve the story, and must be presented in a kind or helpful manner.

Bashing is defined as: Intentionally attacking one's work to demean, defame, or degrade, the work. Punishment for bashing of others work is a month ban, followed by a year, followed by a permanent ban.

False accusations against an AdminEdit

If one accuses an administrator or chat moderator of abusing the power given to them, the case will be investigated. If no proof is found, the accusing party will be banned for two weeks. It is a then a year ban should the same party accuse once again, followed by a permanent ban. 

Failing to mark a contribution as NSFW (Not Safe For Work)Edit

This will simply result in the contribution being deleted, and a message left on the offender's message wall. Multiple cases will result in a ban, determined by how sexual, gory, or otherwise inappropriate the contribution was. 

Not Safe For Work is defined as: A story that is found to contain elements of overt violence,  sexuality (sex and foreplay of any form), extreme racism, or ideologically insensitive veiws (for example, a story or poem trying to prove God does not exist or trying to encourage war).