Bal-Sagoth - A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria

Bal-Sagoth - A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria

This band inspired a lot of the Lore

This page is divided into three parts: Beings, History, and Places. For any questions, please comment below. This shall be updated as I write the mythos of my Fantasy work. Please point out any holes or contradictions. Please do not edit unless I give exact permission as what to edit. 

Beings Edit

Balor Ebonthal: (Bah-lore Ebon-tal) God-King of the Far Northern Empire. 

God-Kings: Rulers of vast empires, chosen by the supernatural (though not for their good intent, simply to further the wills of the Gods) and imbued with powers of a supernatural form. 

Holders of the Cosmic Power: Godly beings chosen to act as a vessel of Cosmic Power (the force that made the Gods and reality). Chosen at random, the arrival of such a being marks either a period of great prosperity or horrible evil. 

Xhil-a-thul (Zil-aa-tool): Literally Godtongue (The language of the Gods) for "The One of Evil." A God that is separated into twelve beings, representing such things as death, decay, chaos, and disease on a Cosmic Scale. Only one "shard" of Xhil-a-thul is present on earth in a physical form at any one time.

Kornhak (Core-nak): Literally "Death God" in Far Northern. The fourth facet of Xhil-a-thul

Gods: The pantheon of Gods, all worshipped in various parts of the world. Few are wholly evil, and fewer are wholly good. They further only their own desires, choosing God-Kings and Holders of Cosmic Power to only further their own wills, corrupting these toys and throwing them away when need be,

Essisoa: The seventh facet of Xhil-a-thul, manipulation.