Cherry Bomb - Dakota Fanning (Lyrics)

Cherry Bomb - Dakota Fanning (Lyrics)

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The Chainsaw That Shined Red is a dark-fantasy story. The story focuses on Juliet Starling and her quest to finish off the Swarm Queen, D'vorah, before she takes over Dimville City with her creepy crawler creatures.

Characters Edit

Juliet Starling Edit

Juliet starling by irishhips-d53cd4x

Juliet Starling with her chainsaw

Juliet Starling is once again back with her notorious chainsaw to save another city once more. This time her boyfriend, Nick, isn't with her to help her. It is heavily implied that he died before the events of The Chainsaw That Shined Red. She is a normal 19 year old girl who's an expert in weapon use and marterial arts.

In The Chainsaw That Shined Red, Juliet wakes up getting ready to go to college. She goes outside, gets her bike and heads over to her College school. On the school's campus she finds large,mutated insects eating some of her peers. She pulls out her Chainsaw, ready for action....

Skills Edit

  • Chainsaw Whirl - Juliet raises her chainsaw and swirls around. Slicing and/or killing any enemy around her.
  • Slice-o-Dice - Juliet slices her opponent in half. A rainbow comes out of the opponent when they are sliced in half.
  • Chainsaw Dash - Juliet dashes toward her opponent/s with her chainsaw infront of her.

D'vorah Edit

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D'vorah is a half human, half insect being. It is unknown from what race she originates. After D'vorah felt that no one liked her and everybody hated her, she decided to get revenge and take over Dimville City. Turning it into a bug friendly place.

In The Chainsaw That Shined Red, she turns Dimville City into a bug friendly place for bugs, insects to roam. She is nearly invincible and wont stop at anything to take over the whole Dimville City.

Skills Edit

  • Brood Mother - Uses the help of other bugs to fight
  • Venomous - Throws poison and toxic at opponent
  • Swarm Queen - Becomes OP

Part 1:Not Again!? Edit